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Sunday, October 21, 2007


This is a picture of one of the most well known celebrity in America, Paris Hilton eating an enormous cheesebuger. This is iconic because at one point this ad was a commercial for Burgerking and at one point it was extremely talked about. This is iconic because everyone has seen paris on tv and know what she is like will know that she did not eat this burger because she is a twig. This comes to show how ads are so false on there advertisement. A "perfect burger" with a "perfect girl". when in reality woman who look this good will never touch a burger that big and look so perfect eating it. Its really sad how some people accually fall for something like this..."oh if paris eats it then i can to"...sorry but no you wont.


Cueshop.dk said...

i totally see where your coming from.

i dont like this kind of marketing either

best wishes Kim Raufort

Blogger said...

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